Infinity's foster program

Program information

We are excited to introduce the foster program in our kennel.  It will provide us with the opportunity to continue to develop and nurture the lines that formed the foundation of our breeding program, while providing promising show, hunt, and breeding prospects with families who raise them exactly as they would a puppy that they purchased outright from us.   


  • Our approved Foster family takes home a quality puppy, slightly older puppy or adult that we believe has promise in the show ring, field and our breeding program.
  • The puppy fee is reduced to compensate the foster family.
  • On paper, the puppy is registered in our name, however, once the dog retires from our breeding program, we sign over full ownership to the foster family and the dog lives out his/her life with the foster family. 
  • We "borrow" the puppy/dog for training, dog shows, other performance events (e.g. hunt tests) and breeding purposes. We work with Foster families to accommodate schedules and make decisions together regarding timing. 
  • Typically, a foster family would be without their dog for a short period of time, but can be as involved with the process as much as they would like. 
  • If our foster family would like to take an opportunity in the show ring or field as a handler, we do our best to support that effort.
  • We pay all expenses related to breeding, performance events and training related to the activities that we wish to pursue with the puppy.
  • Our guardian family is responsible for day-to-day expenses, including annual veterinary care, feeding etc.


If you are interested in being a part of our family and fostering one of our happy, well-adjusted dogs, please contact us !