Osvaldo and Family- Just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely in love with Bellatrix, or "Remi" as we call her. She is a loving family pup, great with all the kiddos and 24 other pets we have on the property. She loves the water (pool, pond, lake, & boat), picked up fetching in a heartbeat, and is a blessing of a puppy from a mom's perspective. She potty-trained after 1 accident, guards the house, and loves to go to the local brewpub with mom! I am constantly being complimented on her temperament and beauty. I had been looking for a pup for almost a year, and instantly knew this litter was for us. Thank you Osvaldo, your wife, and children, for raising amazing pups. We just love her! I attached a picture of Remi with Brogan, her true owner (Remi was his 10th bday gift). We went to Lake Powell for the 4th and she was awesome. Brogan does't call mom when he's at dad's house, he calls Remi! Please keep in touch. Thank you is not enough.

Bethany Schroeder 


I am 64 and have had shorthairs since I was 16; mostly ones I had raised myself.  I am an avid hunter, but good conformation in my dogs is very important to me.  Osvaldo impressed me from the start.  Very sincere, honest, and professional.  My pup is 6 months old.  So far he has it all; great conformation,intelligence,desire to hunt and please, and great temperament.  I am nuts about this dog and I've had a lot of great ones.  Would highly recommend an Infinity dog to anyone.

Jim White



We were looking for a hunting companion and my wife found the perfect fit for our family at Infinity German Shorthaired Pointers. With hunting with our family in South Dakota in mind, our puppy was chosen for prey drive, determination, and focus on the hunt. She has been introduced to retrieving and tracking quail and pheasant with excellent results. She is adapt at tracking on air and trail scents and she does excellent on multiple retrieves. She is an excellent hunter and her skills will continue to improve as she experiences more complex tracks and multiple retrieves. She is truly a born hunter. She is also one of the prettiest. She has excellent conformation and is gorgeous. The care Osvaldo put into ensuring the puppies were healthy is clearly evident. We shall make many happy memories. 

Kenneth Zuber 



Amelia is amazing.  She is a fantastic fetching machine.  Love water and shows interest by pointing the doves that land in the yard.  We will be starting some dock diving assessments.  She will be shown in a UKC show in July.  Her first AKC show will be in August.  A local breeder judge loves her and stated she is very lovely and will no doubt finish quickly.  Loved her bone, head, front and rear. She is a great mover too.  Pretty side gate. 

Lynne Krause 


 From the very beginning, my wife Kaitlyn and I had the most wonderful feeling when reading the profile of Infinity GSP on the AKC Marketplace. We knew this kennel had to be of high quality and dedication to their dogs because of the many accreditations that were listed within their profile. That didn’t mean the most to me, of course I wanted to pursue a conversation with the owner – Osvaldo. After speaking to him, I knew there was something special about Osvaldo and his family. I knew that he truly cared for his family and his dogs, so much so that in the construction of his new house, he actually built a custom kennel that was attached! The passion was obviously vibrant with Osvaldo and his family and we were very excited to pursue our adventure of getting our first dog together. 

 Then came Benny and he is now 6 months old. To list everything out, he is: a lover, protector, companion, super easy to train, plays well with other dogs, great with kids, alert to surroundings, extremely job driven – meaning hunting, ball throwing, training, and of course very healthy. I could list more but it would just be too much. He is an overall great dog and it all started with the love and care of Osvaldo and family. People constantly feel the need to stop us and comment on how beautiful he is. Hats off to Infinity GSP Kennel-they are nothing short of exceptional! 

Brett Swearingen