From the AKC Website. We found all of these statements to be true for our dogs.

  • They are very bright, creative clowns. Anything worth having, they will find a way to get it or get to it.
  • They are very persistent when they want something.
  • They are first and foremost bred for hunting, and as such have very strong prey drive. Anything that flits, moves, hops, or jumps will catch their attention.
  • They aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners, or families with no experience with a hunting breed and who have children under seven years of age.
  • They are very strong and quick for their size. They can pull a grown man off-balance with little to no notice because of this.
  • They like children, but they can knock them down easily, and sometimes an older Shorthair may treat a young child much like they would an unruly pup.
  • Squirrels are their nemesis.
  • They do shed.
  • A bored Shorthair can be destructive if left to their own imagination.
  • They learn quickly at a very young age. Girls begin to settle down about three years of age, boys around four-plus.
  • They can learn by watching, and they have been known to open refrigerator doors if there is a hand-towel through the handle.
  • They are notorious counter-surfers.
  • They have a high energy level that requires more than a one- or two-hour walk a day. A good Shorthair is a tired one—but they regenerate quickly.
  • They remain young at heart well into their later years. It’s not uncommon for a Shorthair to still be very active and hunting beyond age 10.
  • They love to retrieve and should never be scolded for bringing an item to the owner, regardless of what it is. They should be redirected with a toy if it is a shoe or other personal item.